Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why an aristocracy ?

From "Revisiting Narnia:Fantasy,Myth and Religion in C.S.Lewis's Chronicles"How can you tell a copy from an original? Lewis's answer of all fairy tales:look to the desires of the heart.Nature abhors a vacuum;it would never evolve in us a desire that could not be fulfilled.Hunger is not proof that a man will eat,but it is proof that food exists somewhere in the world. If there was no food,people would not need it to survive.In the deepest desire of our hearts,we long for our lives to matter,for beauty,for love and life to have purpose and meaning.We long for life to be like magical fantasy and our most favorite movies.We desire these things because the desire can be fulfilled.Why do we long for fairy- tale lives where we are Princes and Princess of the realm?Lewis would say it is because we are already children of the King."

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