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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Adventure In the Chronicles,adventure is a metaphor for life in it's highest realization.There is no turning back from the adventure,for it

is only in leaving the the known for the unknown that honour may truly be found be found. The meaning of adventure is perhaps made most clear to the two characters who have hardly an inkling of it's meaning: Jill and Eustance the 2 victims of Experiment House. Both are un-prepared to deal with the adventures as they come that they learn what adventures as they are able to bring back with them and infuse Narnian life, into the pale shadow of England. Queen Susan the first to use the word adventure and notes that people who have had similar adventures,share a special speech and look. Reepicheep is perhaps the greatest adventurer in all the Chronicles. He is the first to leap into adventure,and considers turning away to be cowardice. He proclaims the entire purpose of the Dawn Treader voyage to be a search for honour and adventure,and takes his own final adventure aloan and valiant,into the Utter East.                          In the Silver Chair,Rilian underscore Reepicheep belief that adventure is not to be taken lightly.When the children and Puddlegum are trying to guess the meaning of the fireworks he says ' "...when once a man is launched on such an adventure as this,he must bid farewell to hopes and fears,otherwise death or dilverence will both come too late to save his honour and his reason,' "Rilian gives adventure another meaning.His faith in  in the truth of Aslan gives him confidence to say, "...let us descend into the City and take the adventure that is sent to us"

Friday, May 9, 2014

a good quote from The Golem and the Jinni By Helene Wecker "It will be a novelety she said.A taste of summer:to remind us it'll come again

          Surely he thought,they would rather eat something warm when it's cold? But he knew logic would be useless for it was clear that Maryam had organised the entire scheme.Most idealists lived in their own impossible worlds,sealed away from reality. Maryam,it seemed, effortlessly reached out from hers  and drew others inside. Her unstudied goodness affected their judgement even to the point of buying large qualities of ice cream in winter.                                                                                                                                                             Leave me aloan,he felt like saying.Let me die in peace.But there nothing he could do.She simply decided that an indigent half mad peddler would survive a killing winter if she wished it.He wanted to resent her,but all he felt was an irritated bemusement.