Friday, August 20, 2010

What kind of person do we want to attract to the AMP? part 4 The King of Elfland's Daughter,by Lord Dunsany

From:The King of Elfland's Daughter,by Lord Dunsany;...And away rode Alveric out of the village of Erl with his company of adventurers behind him;a moonstruck man,a madman,a lovestruck lad,a shepherd,and a poet. And Alveric made Vand,the young shepherd,the master of his encampment,for he deemed him to be the sanest amongst his following,but there were disputes at once as they rode,before they came to make any encampment;and Alveric,hearing or feeling the discontent of his men,learned that on such a quest as his it was not the sanest but the maddest that should be given authority.So he named Niv,the witless lad,the master of his encampment;and Niv served him well,till a day that was far thence,and the moonstruck man stuck by Niv,and all were content to the bidding of Niv,and all honoured Alveric's quest.And many men in numerous lands do saner things with less harmony.

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