Monday, June 26, 2017

The silent corner : by Dean Koontz.

Booklist Reviews 2017 May #1
When FBI agent Jane Hawk's husband inexplicably kills himself, she wants to know why. After some digging, she discovers that a lot of people have been taking their own lives lately, people who by all accounts had no apparent reason for ending them prematurely. Knowing she could be signing her own death warrant, Jane puts her career and life on the line to find out who's behind this wave of suicides. Billed as the first in a new series, this gripping thriller grabs readers from the first few pages and sweeps them along to the rousing finale. Long an A-list best-seller, Koontz has always delivered the goods, whether he's tackling science fiction, horror, or thrillers (notably the Odd Thomas series). That varied bibliography now adds a new series and an exciting new heroine. Expect the usual clamor for copies among the faithful, who are certain to embrace Jane Hawk immediately and eagerly await the next installment.HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: As he testifies in a letter to his readers prefacing the ARC of The Silent Corner, Koontz was enthralled by his new character and felt renewed as a writer by creating her. Readers will be equally enthralled, helped along by a "Blockbuster National Marketing & Publicity Campaign."

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