Sunday, June 6, 2010

What is the American Monarchy Party ?

AMP is a different kind of party,for a different kind of American.An American who realizes the limits of democracy,that democracies (we at AMP call it" mobocracies") perishes,when the citizens vote themselves a pay raise.This blog will explore what an American monarchy would look like,how it would govern,it's economy,it's constitution,the roles of the rulers and the ruled.Who are the rulers,rights,the role of charity,and the care of the poor,the old,and the in- firmed,taxes and laws.What are it's limitations,it's advantage's over a democracy? What would it's public buildings look like(I shall draw examples...)The site will be a mix of the serious and the light-hearted. Our slogan shall be"vote for us for really cool clothes and really cool guns(I'm thinking Pulitzer prints,Huntsman suits,with Sigs and Glocks) There will be a-lot more as time goes on...

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